Cooking From Memory ~ A Recipe Journal

The Kitchen by Gunilla Brodde Norris, John Giuliani

Familiar and strange,

the kitchen is a holy place—

alive with possibility.

A place for the elements.

Water in the tap,

fire in the stove, earth in the food,

air—between, around, above and below.

Behind the cupboard doors

are the pots and pans,

the bowls and the dishes,

the measuring cups

and the measuring spoons—

holy things

that lie ready for use,

much like our dreams

that lie waiting

behind our eyelids.

The kitchen is alchemical,

a place where we cook—actually

and spiritually.

We come to it for nourishment and ease.

We come to it as to a center—

the heart of the home,

the heart of dwelling.

In the kitchen we are one,

linked by hunger—

actual hunger and spiritual hunger.

We go to the kitchen to be

nourished and revealed.

It is a holy place.

From Becoming Bread, By Gunilla Brodde Norris, John Giuliani

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