Cooking From Memory ~ A Recipe Journal

El Meson (Minneapolis, MN)

El Meson Table

3450 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 822-8062

The ten of us, accustomed to eating together in each other’s homes several times each year decided, on a whim, to take our ‘gourmet group’ “on the road.”  Destination: El Meson, Minneapolis.  Warm and inviting on a frosty evening in late February, the restaurant wrapped around us and made us feel right at home from the moment we walked in.  The soft din of restaurant convesations rose slightly as our group took a long table near the middle of the room and settled in for a great experience.  The wait staff was hospitable and very helpful as we navigated the menu, finally each of us choosing something different so plates could be passed.

Partners Chef Hector Ruiz and Restaurateur Erin Ungerman took over El Meson in June of 2003.  Their objectives were clear: honor the spirit of South Minneapolis’ beloved locale and work to make it even better.

A “meson” is a typical Spanish place, rustically decorated, serving hearty food and wine.  Today El Meson Bistro is a warm and earthy restaurant with a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

The fare is authentic Spanish and Caribbean cuisine that matches that of any meson in the famed Cava Baja neighborhood of Madrid.  The produce is fresh and all the food made from scratch every day.

Try some of the signature dishes like Paella or Camarones Al Ajillo in one of the little “caves”; enjoy live flamenco music and dance; escape to a pleasant Latin world of flavors.

  • Reservations advised on weekends
  • Vegetarian dishes available
  • Half portions available for kids
  • Street parking


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