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128 Cafe (St. Paul, MN)

128 Cafe 

Photo Credit: Unavailable, 128 Cafe Tables

128 Cleveland Avenue North

Saint Paul, MN 55104

St. Paul has had a slew of restaurant closings this year: Fhima’s, Margaux and A Rebours. In one St. Paul neighborhood, patrons were upset when their local restaurant, 128 cafe closed. Now as the restaurant re-opens, local foodies are discussing the importance of neighborhood restaurants to the neighborhood, and to the city.

St. Paul, Minn. — Enter 128 Cafe and you’ll first notice the cozy atmosphere, tiny candles at each table, the murmur of the crowd. The restaurant is a subterranean alcove. It’s located in the basement of an apartment building on Cleveland Avenue, across from the University of St Thomas campus.

Servers dressed in black weave through brown tables draped in white tablecloths. Diners sip wine, chew on ribs or dip into brownies with a homemade chocolate sauce. (Read More…)

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